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Our Grand Opening Party - April 25, 1980!
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The Invitation for the Grand Opening Gala!
Rochelle, Sharon Hunt, Allan, Marcine Kline, Geri Goldberg, Joe Galarze (seated)
Allan and Karen Erdy
Allan hoofing it with David King
(L-R) Barry Allen, Jack Cowles, Carolyn Cowles and Sharon Allen
Connie Nelson, Marlene Simon and Sharon Houfek
Monty Montana - Guest Western Star!
Dave and Karen Fields
Joe Galarze, Allan Erdy Escrow Public Relations Rep
Esther Wollock
Our original rotating sign!
Nick Vitale and Allan Edy
Kathy King and Roger Strand
Allan Erdy
Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo
Edgar Rice Burrough's grandson
The Corner of Ventura Blvd. and Dixie Canyon Ave
Matt and Judy Suddelson
Del Roy
John Sommers, Jeff Sherwood, Betsy Sweet, Elaine Kaplan-Lovit
Bruce Berns, Marlene Simon and Sharon Houfak
Elaine Kaplan-Lovit
Party at dusk
The one and only "Mike Glickman"
Geri Goldberg, Allan Erdy Escrow Assistant
Pots of Chili
David King and Elaine Kaplan-Lovit
Steve Porter and Rick Wasserman
Allan Erdy and David King
Our Palamino Band
Dancing up a storm
Lou Lovit
Lou Lovit, Nick Vitale (Fatcola Title Officer)
Rick Wasserman and Allan Erdy
Denise Orvis, Vicki Kraft, Joe Galarze
Marlene Simon and Sharon Houfek
Rick Wasserman and Richard Crystal
Lou Lovit
Lou Lovit
The Silver Slipper Saloon
Kacie Blagoff, Kathy King and Roger Strand
Marian Papke and Jim Hague
Sharon Houfak
Monty Montana
Monty Montana
Monty Montana
Howard Graham, Jerry Berns, Allan and Karen Erdy
Lou Lovitt
Jerry Berns, TJ Berns, David King, Kathy King, Allan Erdy and Karen Erdy
Karen Erdy and Stacy King
Lois Murphy and Lou Lovit
Roller skating!
Betsy Sweet, Perry Kilpatrick, Paula Davidson, Jeff Sherwood
Kathy Small and Craig Stevens
Kathy Small
Ray Blagof, Kacie Blagof, Joe Galarze, Jerry Berns and T.J. Berns
Fred Schwartz
Hy Terman (center)
Carol McGovney (left), Michael Gibson (right)
Kathy King
Ken Steiner
Marlene Simon and Sharon Houfek
Matt Suddelson, Allan Erdy, Our Dolly Parton Impersonator, Ron Olson
Betty Rubin
David King and Connie Nelson
David King and Connie Nelson
Our Dolly Parton Impersonator!
Reno Gallassi and Susan Blau
Paula Davidson
Linda Nehas
Rick Wasserman, Richard Crystal and Sheila Beckerman
Fred Schwartz
Richard Crystal, Rick Wasserman and De De Howard
Elaine Kaplan-Lovit
David King and Geri Goldberg
Square Dancing!
Square Dancing!
Square Dancing!
Jerry Bouy
Gary Griffin and Karen Erdy
Pam Harris and Gloria King
Petting Zoo
Kathy Small
Petting Zoo
Geri Goldberg
Rick Wasserman
Tony's Liquor
Our Palamino Band
Our Palamino Band and Allan Erdy
To Serve and Protect and Enjoy!
Betsy Sweet
David King
Kathy King and Roger Strand
Bruce and Linda Berns
Vickie Craft and Denise Orvis
George Armstead (Fatcola Title Rep)
Ray Blagof and Kacie Blagof
Sharon Olson and Karl Levine
Richard Crystal
Carol Knight
Ken Steiner and Marian Papke